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The following is a “for starters” list of the many entrepreneurs, both corporate and social, whom John holds in high regard. Each has his, or her, own universe of experiences, and contacts, including links to books, articles, videos interviews, etc., that could be of great value to any entrepreneur.  As such, they are invited to use the Portal’s Message Board as an easy way to communicate similar links to interested entrepreneurs.  All they have to do is suggest any article etc. with the appropriate link.

Baroness May Blood

Baroness Blood was the first woman in Northern Ireland to be honored with a peerage.  She had worked in a textile factory in Belfast and was a member of the Loyalist community during the time of “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland.  She decided to reach out to women friends in the Catholic community, a very dangerous thing to do, to see if somehow between them they could do something about the non-stop violence that was afflicting both communities. However, as she said, “The men didn’t pay any attention to us, after all, we were just women, what could we do?”  Well, women would become a very powerful force for peace in Northern Ireland.  Baroness Blood now serves in the House of Lords and is a strong proponent of integrated education in Northern Ireland.

Dan Bricklin

Dan created VisiCalc, an automated spreadsheet which was the first “killer” application for personal computers. He did it while a student at Harvard Business School where the room he used is now named after him. VisiCalc, in turn, spawned Lotus 123. Dan has since been a serial entrepreneur and one of the Founders of the Mass Technology Leadership Council.

Richard Cavanagh

A best selling author of a book tracking successful entrepreneurs entitled, “The Winning Performance.” He was also President of The Conference Board, the world’s leading CEO networking organization.  He now lectures on social entrepreneurialism at the Kennedy School, Harvard University. Dick is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and a member of the board of major corporations and foundations.

Echoing Green – Green Venture Accelerator

Sir Ronald Cohen

Ronald is considered England’s founder of both its venture capital industry and social investing, as well. As such, he co-founded Portland Trust to help the peace process in the Middle East with entrepreneurial projects designed to bring Israelis and Palestinians together in common goals. Sir Ronald is a graduate of Oxford and the Harvard Business School.

Brian Concannon, Jr., Esq.

Brian is the founder of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti and was its co-director in Haiti for eight years. IJDH does incredible work in using the law to bring justice and democracy to Haiti.

Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti

Joe Corcoran

Joe is a Founder of Corcoran/Jennison, a major housing real estate developer. Joe pioneered mixed income developments such as Harbor Point in Dorchester, Massachusetts when many doubted that they would succeed.  Joe is a graduate of Boston College.

Frank Costello

Frank is the ultimate social entrepreneur. He used his substantial social capital to bring together the warring factions in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to promote jobs for peace. He knew that jobs was the only subject that both sides would get in the same room and discuss because it was their communities with unemployment rates of 65% that were suffering the most from the violence. In addition, he helped them reach out to the Irish Diaspora in America, and Canada, both Catholic and Protestant, to help the process. Frank is also an acclaimed author on Irish history and holds a PhD in the subject. He is a graduate of Fordham University and Boston College.

Diddy Cullinane

Diddy created Black & White Boston so that Black entrepreneurs could meet with the White power structure of the city in a social setting at a time when it rarely happened. This included the Black & White on Green Golf Tournament which raised money for a Inner-City Caddies Scholar Program which she designed. She also created the gala for the Boston Public Library Foundation along with imaginative programs linking the city’s school children with the Library. Diddy brought such luminaries as John Denver to the Wang Center on behalf of Catholic Charities and honored the Former Speaker Thomas “Tip” O’Neill at Boston Symphony Hall where she organized a VIP chorus of Boston leaders to seranade Tip with special words as the Boston Pops Orchestra played the melodies.

Bob Davis

Bob is an entrepreneur and best selling author. He Founded Lycos and sold it for 5.5 billion dollars. He is currently associated with Highland Capital Partners specializing in the media and Internet space. Bob is a graduate of Northeastern University and Babson College.

Sr. Lena Deevy, L.S.A.

Sister Deevy is the Mother Teresa of immigration in Boston. She, personally, founded the Irish International Immigrant Center and has been its guiding force ever since.  She helps immigrants of all nationalities in these very difficult times.  As such, the IIIC’s annual Solas Award recipients are examples of the high esteem in which she is held. They include former Presidents William Clinton, Mary Robinson, Senator Edward Kennedy, and many other luminaries.

Irish International Immigrant Center

Professor Anthony DeRitis

Professor DeRitis is a musician, composer, and experienced high tech entrepreneur. He Chairs the Music Department at Northeastern University. He also created the highly imaginative OnLine Conservatory for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. As a social entrepreneur he promotes music as the international language of peace. Tony holds a PhD. in music composition from the University of California at Berkeley.

Chuck Feeney

Chuck made billions pioneering the concept of duty free shops at airports around the world. Then, he gave away all this money to a foundation to help encourage social entrepreneurs and related activities around the world Of further interest, is that this entity has to give away all the money by 2017, and then go out of business. It is also unique in that it seeks out what, and whom, to invest in rather than encourage proposals as traditional foundations do. Chuck is graduate of Cornell University, Hotel Management School.

Paul Gillin

Paul is founder of Gillin Communications, inc. and is one the most knowledgeable people on B2B social media in America. As such, he has authored highly acclaimed books on the subject, blogs etc. Paul is a veteran journalist and entrepreneur and was, previously, Editor in Chief at Computer World.

Bob Higgins

Bob is founder of the highly successful venture capital firm, Highland Capital Partners, Inc., where he specializes in the healthcare field. Bob was also the President of the New England Venture Capital association. He also lectures on entrepreneurialism at the Harvard Business School, the Kennedy School, and Harvard College. He is a graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Business School.

Chris Horn

Chris was co-founder of Iona Technologies, a company whose IPO was the fifth largest in the history of NASDAQ. He is certainly Ireland’s most famous software entrepreneur. As a result, he inspired many other graduates of Ireland’s great universities to become entrepreneurs, as well. At the time, this was a whole new way of thinking in Ireland where failure at something could be held against one for generations. Chris is, currently, very much involved in encouraging entrepreneurialism in Ireland as a way of creating jobs. He is a graduate of Trinity College and holds a PhD in computer science.

Steve Jobs

Steve, unfortunately has passed on. However, he was a legendary entrepreneur because he had a unique ability to re-invent his company to meet market changes which is extremely difficult to do in the technology field. Cullinet Software created software to link Apple computers to the IBM mainframe, something that had never been done before. To introduce the joint venture between the two companies Steve stood in a huge IBM mainframe center in Palo Alto, California while John Cullinane used an Apple computer and mouse from a small cubicle in Cullinet Software’s headquarters in Westwood, Massachusetts. What was ironic is that Steve had never been in an IBM mainframe site before, and John had never used a mouse before.

Dafna Krouk-Gordon

Dafna founded TILL, Toward Independent Living and Learning, Inc., at a time when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts “warehoused” people. Instead, she created an organization based on entrepreneurship that provides community-based residential, vocational, and support services in a very caring environment. TILL helps people reach their full potential with an optimal quality of life. What she has done, along with her dedicated staff, is truly amazing.

Toward Independent Living and Learning, Inc. (TILL)

Roger Marino

Roger is the quintessential Northeastern graduate of his era. After graduating from Revere High School Northeastern accepted him as an engineering student and he proved he could do the work. His co-op experience inspired him and two other Northeastern students to form EMC, Inc. now Massachusetts’s most successful technology company. Roger also owned the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team and has invested in movie production.

Liam Maskey

Liam is probably the only person to be honored by both Presidents William Clinton and George W. Bush for his courageous efforts to bring peace to Northern Ireland and other parts of the world. He has done so by reaching across the Catholic/Protestant divide to like-minded individuals and using entrepreneurshi9p to create job opportunities in communities with a tradition of 65% unemployment rates and the associated violence that goes with it.

Intercomm Belfast

Bob Metcalfe

Bob invented the Ethernet local area networkinig standard while at Xerox’s famous technology center in Palo Alto. He’s also a very successful entrepreneur, having founded 3Com, a venture capitalist with Polaris Ventures, a publisher, etc. He’s currently Professor of Innovation at the Cockrell School of Engineering, University of Texas. Bob hold two degrees from MIT and a PhD in mathematics from Harvard.

Tom Meurer

Tom was one of Cullinane Corporation’s earliest Vice Presidents. He has great entrepreneurial skills and was key to its “bet your company” decision to enter the database software arena, a very risky thing to do with just 15 employees. He also was a successful entrepreneur in his own right, including founding E-Classic Systems, specializing in ATM software that he sold at an excellent profit for investors. Tom is a graduate and loyal supporter of Notre Dame University.

Barry Murphy

Barry was formerly head of the government agency that was responsible for the indigenous Irish software industry. As such, his job was to promote the many software and high tech entrepreneurs that were beginning to emerge from the outstanding Irish universities at a time when Ireland did not understand or value entrepreneurs. He traveled to Israel to do research on the widely read paper, “Israel – a high tech role model for Ireland”. Barry would also become an entrepreneur in his own right with the formation of a company in the mobile telephone space, now a part Oracle. Barry is a graduate of University College, Cork.

Jon Nackerud

Jon first represented Cullinane Corporation on the West Coast as a consultant. This led to his becoming a Vice President in charge of all West Coast operations. He was also a key member of John Cullinane’s management team with an outstanding vision of new directions in technology. Eventually, he formed Relational Technology, Inc., to promote INGRIS, a relational database management system. He was also key in helping John do a turn around at Cullinet Software, Inc.

Professor William Sahlman

Bill, along with Howard Stevenson, pioneered entrepreneurial studies at the Harvard Business School. It has been said that Bill has, personally, taught 50% of the venture capitalists in the world. He also is an investor in a large number of entrepreneurial ventures.

Dr. Richard Scott

Dr. Scott is one of the leading knee surgeons in the world. He does his operations at both New England Baptist and the Brigham & Women’s Hospitals. He is also an entrepreneur. He and Dr. Thomas Thornhill invented a special prosthetic for knee replacements which is marketed by Johnson & Johnson. There are now in excess of 2,500,000 installed worldwide. Operation Walk Boston was founded by Dr. Scott and Dr. Thornhill to partner with a hospital in Santa Domingo to provide free joint replacement and rehabilitation services to Dominicans who, otherwise, couldn’t afford them.

Operation Walk Boston

Dan Singer and Geoffrey Lewis

Dan and Geoffrey, along with John Cullinane, have been working on peace in the Middle East for close to ten years using the Northern Ireland experience with its focus on jobs as a model. Dan was an early pioneer of Israel, arriving in Palestine as a twelve year old in 1940 having just escaped from the Nazi’s. Geoffrey Lewis has great social capital on both sides of the line, as well as in the American Jewish community.

Ray Stata

Ray founded Analog Devices, Inc, as well as being a long time investor in high tech startups. Also, he is very much committed to education in the math and sciences for young people as well as being a key patron of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Ray is a graduate of MIT.

Tom Stemberg

Tom is the founder of Staples, Inc., a store that revolutionized the marketing of office supplies and created the superstore industry. He built it in a 19 billion dollar enterprise. Tom is now is associated with Highland Capital Partners specializing in investments in the consumer space. Tom is a graduate of Harvard, and the Harvard Business School.

Clayton Turnbull

Clayton owns approximately 15 Dunkin Doughnuts franchises, most of which are in the inner city of Boston. As such, he represents the next generation of minority entrepreneurs who not only is very successful but politically involved and active as a social entrepreneur, as well.

Bill Warner

Bill founded Avid Technology a pioneer in video and audio editing as well as a dedicated entrepreneur. He created the highly successful “unconference” with the Mass Technology Leadership Council to spur innovation.  Bill is a graduate of MIT.

George White

George was instrumental in getting Cullinane Corporation funded as well participating in its growth as a key Board member. He has also been a serial entrepreneur in his own right including the formation of Alphanumeric, Inc., Camex, ACI, etc. George is a graduate of Harvard College.

Beth Williams

Beth Williams is an inner city entrepreneur and has been building Roxbury Technologies, and creating jobs ever since its Founder, and her father, Archie Williams passed away. Ironically, much of the early encouragement for the company came as a result of Archie having the opportunity to meet and play golf with Tom Stemberg, then Chairman of Staples, Inc. The result was a copier cartridge refurbishing contract with Staples. This chance meeting came about as a result of Diddy Cullinane’s Black & White on Green golf tournament where Boston minority entrepreneurs could meet with the CEOS of major corporations in a social setting, often, for the first time.

Roxbury Technology, Inc.

Hansjorg Wyss

Mr. Wyss recently sold his company, Synthes, to Johnson & Johnson for $9 billion dollars. What he did that made a small company so successful is that, over time, he convinced surgeons to use Synthes’ new technology as a better way to heal bone fractures.  Recently, he funded the Wyss Institute with the largest personal gift in Harvard’s history. The Wyss Institute’s goal is to encourage biologically inspired engineering in such a way that it would result in more, successful entrepreneurial ventures evolving from Harvard in the healthcare field. Hansjorg is also a social entrepreneur having created the Wyss Foundation to help preserve the natural beauty of the Western United States for future generations.

Wyss Institute

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