Entrepreneurship at Harvard

While entrepreneurship always existed at the Harvard Business School, Professors Howard Stevenson and William Sahlman are widely credited with promoting the potential of it at the School, both corporate and social. Today, being a successful entrepreneur is something most graduates would like to be. The entrepreneurship “bug” has even crossed the Charles River to Harvard College thanks to the great success of Facebook. Ironically, The John F. Kennedy School of Government, which is located at the confluence of business, government, and politics, has always been about social entrepreneurship. Ideas such as the deregulation of the electric utility industry were fostered at the Kennedy School. It, in turn, created a whole new industry, and associated companies that included opening the doors to “green” technology as a part of the grid.

Now Harvard University is joining with some of its most successful entrepreneurs such as Hangsjorg Wyss to promote entrepreneurialism with the creation of the Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineered. It’s purpose is to encourage the creation of more entrepreneurial ventures from Harvard in the health sciences field while providing them with a higher probability of success via a more imaginative and realistic marketing approach. Some interesting entrepreneurial activities at Harvard are as follows:

Harvard Business School:

Social enterprise
Introduction to entrepreneurship at HBS

Harvard College:

Welcome, entrepreneurs — Undergraduates flock to i-Lab for career fair (Harvard Gazette)
Student run organization
Support of entrepreneurealism
Harvard College Innovation Challenge


JFK School of Government:

Calendar of events
Course on both corporate and social entrepreneurship taught by Richard Cavanagh and Robert Higgins (see Entrepreneurs Directory for bios)

WGBH Radio — Using Business Tools to Combat the World’s Big Problems


Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering


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