The High-Tech Success Syndrome

  1. Assume that the good times will last forever.
  2. Fail to recognize that a high-tech success syndrome exists.
  3. Fail to appreciate that the sales of high-tech products can cease, literally, overnight.
  4. Fail to appreciate that a niche market will last only until the next competitive niche appears.
  5. Fail to realize that many of your employees are so emotionally committed to your (their) products that they can’t objectively evaluate new, competitive technology.
  6. Fail to appreciate that it is extremely difficult to enter these new niche markets with your existing organization.
  7. Fail to realize that it is easier for a start-up company to fill a new niche than your company can.
  8. Fail to recognize that knocking the new technology is no solution.
  9. Fail to recognize that, no matter how good your products are, it may not make any difference.
  10. Fail to recognize that what the customer wants to buy is what you’re in the business to build.

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