Ten Characteristics of a Good Company with a Good Culture

  1. When you call, the phone is answered within three rings.
  2. If the person answering the phone can’t help you, he or she knows who can and makes an effort to connect you.
  3. The person answers your question and generates further interest on your part in the company’s products or services, and, if possible, closes the business.
  4. The company is easy to do business with; it has no artificial barriers to consummating a sale, such as complicated agreements.
  5. Employees enjoy working for the company, and it shows in their good humor and camaraderie. As a result, there is little turnover.
  6. The company is a leader in innovation related to social issues of the day.
  7. If there is a problem with the product or service, the company doesn’t argue with you but, rather, acknowledges the problem and does something about it.
  8. The company anticipates your requirements. New products and services reflect your needs without you having to ask for them.
  9. The company goes the extra mile in service and gives you something that you never expected to get.
  10. The company makes money.

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