Six Things Any Manager Should Do

  1. Take a sales training course. Sales is a skill every manager or CEO should learn, and few do. Not until you have taken a sales training course will you realize how little you know about sales.
  2. Read history. Everything that is happening to you or your company has already happened a million times to others.
  3. Learn to listen. You never learn anything while you’re talking; ask open-ended questions, such as who, what, when, where and how, and then listen to the response.
  4. Drop in on meetings of your staff. It’s amazing what you will find out, including a lot of things you will never hear at your staff meetings.
  5. When you’re in a meeting of your peers and their management and something that bothers you is being promoted in a rational way, listen for your concerns to be resolved. If they are not resolved by the time the discussion is coming to a close, raise your hand and mention what bothers you about the discussion.
  6. Try to learn to think like your company’s CEO by looking at your company from his or her perspective. Your CEO will find this remarkably rare and refreshing.

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