80 Tips for Managing in Good Times and Bad

Summaries of the tips from “The Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide” are available by clicking on the links below.  These are tips on what to do – and what not to do – at various stages of a company’s evolution, both good and bad. For example, one tip covered in this portal is how to determine if the idea is any good in the first place.

A second key to its success, also covered in this Portal in more detail, was the ability to re-position the company’s product line with not only new technology, but the all-important selling messages, as well. This was accomplished with the company’s unique Main Message process. It’s really an easy way to create more effective sales pitches, something every entrepreneur needs to do to succeed. As a result, the company was able to position its competitors on the defensive, every two years, for fourteen years while increasing sales and profits by 50% each year. The Main Message process was the company’s secret weapon. These two tips are explained in much greater detail because they are so important to any entrepreneur.


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