Big Data — A Major Market Opportunity for Massachusetts


According to the MTLC’s study which was undertaken by its Research Committee under the leadership of Michael Kinkead and Steve O’Leary, both Former Chairmen of the MTLC, the era has begun and Massachusetts is ideally positioned to take advantage of it. The report cites Cullinane Corporation and its IDMS database management system designed to handle the largest databases in the world, as well as the many analytic companies in the area. The reason the databases are getting so large is the availability of so many new devices, and also sensor based systems. Such systems generate enormous amounts of real time data. Integrating these real time systems to traditional databases which most organizations use to support their applications brings them to life because the promise of computers has always been to provide information in time to take corrective action. This is why the analytics companies add so much value to big databases. Massachusetts has recognized the opportunity from Governor Patrick on down and is uniquely prepared to take advantage of it.

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Big Data and Analytics — A Major Market Opportunity for Massachusetts


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